7 Must Visit Places in Islamabad


Islamabad is famous for its calm, green and serene environment which is absolute truth. There is no doubt that it ranked 2nd most beautiful city in the world.

Islamabad is the best place to observe tranquility, this city is the mixture of manmade and natural architecture which made this something amazing from rest of the cities.

If you have never seen one of the most beautiful cities in the world here is the list that you need to follow.

Check out the 7 must-visit places in Islamabad.

Rawal Lake:


In this artificial reservoir, you can have the most quality time with your family by paddling to the boat and enjoy the scenic view of the different nearby island.

The sunset time is the most delightful time here, where you can enjoy the singing of bird with the walk on sideways of the lake.

Daman e Koh


Daman-e-Koh is the most famous tourist attraction of Islamabad – The hilltop view that provides the panoramic view of the city. Islamabad beauty from this place is beyond explanation.

Faisal Mosque:


Faisal mosque – The landmark of Islamabad. It is the most beautiful and largest mosque in Pakistan that can accommodate 250000 worshippers at a time, it is indeed a must-visit place.

Pakistan Museum of National history


It is one of the most amazing museums in Pakistan to discover early mankind and animal history. It is famous among many students and most of the tourist.

Lok Virsa museum


This museum portraits the perfect depiction of Pakistan culture in its picture, pottery, statues and textile work, which exhibits a different style of living from different areas of the country. The best place for a visit to get known with the rich history of our country.

Pir sohawa


The biggest tourist attraction and especially famous for Monal restaurant. Its astonishing view along with amazing restaurants provides a remarkably soothing experience.


Margalla Hills


Margalla Hills is Paradise for hikers. It is the most suitable hiking track in the county with the best weather to hike in the natural forest. A perfect destination for adventurers.

Pakistan Monument:


Another tourist destination in Islamabad made on the purpose to represent the unity among Pakistan. Pakistan monument shaped like blooming petal-flower inner side covered with art and history of Pakistan.

The four petals describe the four provinces of Pakistan Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa and Balochistan while three small petals symbolize three territories; Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and Tribal areas.