Careem Collaborates With Robin Hood Army To Fight Against Hunger


44 percent children of Pakistan are malnourished and the major reason of this is that 60% population of Pakistan does not have access to reliable, nutritious and sufficient food. It is the major cause of deaths of hundreds of children in Pakistan every week.

According to the recent economic survey, 25% population of Pakistan sleeps hungry every night. In contrast to this, there is also a large number of population in Pakistan who throw their leftover food into thrash every day. The issue that people raised here is how to reach the deserving people who need their surplus food.

To cater this major issue of the country, Careem collaborated with the Robin Hood Army, a global volunteer-based organization that provides surplus food to less fortunate and needy people. Both the organization aimed to fight against the hunger and provide surplus food to the underprivileged people in Pakistan.

Careem initiative #BeCareem is introduced to donate the leftover and surplus food to the underprivileged people around the country. Careem made it easier much easier to widen the reach of food donation.

Just book a #BeCareem ride on the Careem app the rider will come to your place and take your food to the deserving people where it is needed the most.
A donor can give away the food of around 1 to 10 persons.

Talking about this initiative, Junaid Iqbal, Managing Director of Careem Pakistan, said,

“According to World Food Program, 60% of Pakistan’s population is food vulnerable. We are filling plates and hearts. I request people to donate wholeheartedly and make a difference, however small that maybe, in the lives of our fellow people. Nobody should have to sleep hungry and this can be our step towards ensuring that”.

The initiative of Careem and Robin Hood Army are being highly appreciated by Pakistani people. They have pledged to feed 10000 people from 12th April to 14th April.

Careem has been seen in the past associating with the non-profit organization to drive such kind of initiative in helping to upgrade the communities.