Summer Vacation 2018: Sindh Education Department Seeking For Early Holidays


Sindh usually faces the more blistering heat in all over Pakistan and this time it’s coming with Ramzan that would make it unbearable.

Sindh government to cater the issue developed the plan to provide some relief to the school going children of the province by providing early summer vacations this time.

The education department of Sindh on Sunday submitted the summary to chief minister house to permitting of early summer holidays in Sindh schools.

The re-schedule summary approved by Government of Sindh on Monday;

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The summary outlined the schedule of summer vacations from 14 May to 15 July.

Last year, due to the high temperature in Ramzan summer vacation was reschedule from 1st June to 1st of Ramzan 26th May in 2017.

Ramzan 2018

According to Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Ramazan crescent will most likely be visible on 16th May. If we go with PMD calculation, then May 17 will be the first day of the holy month of Ramzan in Pakistan.