Top 5 Best Cafes In Karachi For Freelance Workspace


Pakistan freelance sector is rapidly growing and it is the 4th biggest freelance sector in the world. Freelance work refers to the flexible working hours and eases to work from anywhere. However, in Pakistan the major issue come across to freelancer is the workspace where they can perform their work in the most effective way possible.

In search of the workspace, most of the freelancer aims for cafes. In Karachi, there is a large number of a freelancer who always in need of a place to get into their work-state and for that cafe is usually considered most appropriate place. But not all cafe can provide the sense of a friendly workplace.

To perform your work in the most feasible environment and soothing place, you need to mark down these 5 cafes for your best freelance workspace experience.

New York Coffee

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This cafe is at Sindhi Muslim and Zamzama commercial, offers a lot of expediency for a freelancer to go for it. With amazing food variety and highly cooperative staff makes the work experience a complete delight.


The loud music may be a negative factor but it can be turned down if you request for it. The services are extremely fast and the staff makes sure to provide the most convenient environment for work.


This cafe will make you fall in love with its interior, its vintage theme and English windows from where the soothing sunlight hits on your desk will give an immense boost to kick your creativity to flow.


The plus point of this place is its amazing Wi-Fi and wide tables which can accommodate up to 5 persons easily. Only negative point of this amazing workspace is its limited space and you will never find it empty, so it is not for those who need complete privacy.

T2F Cafe



It is one the most famous workspace for freelancers, multiple electronic connections and pretty amazing Wi-Fi is a big ‘yes’ for a freelance workspace.

Its ambiance is so work-friendly and the food is provided at most reasonable prices, and the staff left no stone unturned to provide the most comprehensive environment for your work.

Dunkin Donuts

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Dunkin Donut is quite familiar for work and meeting place. You can witness student doing their studies and office persons conducting their meeting.

Well, it is located on every corner of Karachi, but its Bahadurabad branch is most suitable for a freelancer. Its spacious tables, sustainable Wi-Fi, good air conditioning, ample light and affordable food are the major highlights and plus points to consider it for your work.


This small cafe located at Zamzama has only 8 tables, but what makes it in the list is their archetype ambiance for work. Personal electrical sockets are attached to every table and their amazing Wi-Fi connection which would let you finish your work efficiently. The perfect sunlight and the serene environment would help you to energize your creativity into work.