Top 6 Historical Places To Visit In Lahore


Lahore is a historic gemstone known for its cultural backgrounds and historical places. Some of Pakistan’s most historical places are in Lahore. Lahore’s historic places are known throughout the world. Lahore has some of the most historic masterpieces architecture.

As there is a saying “jis ne lahore nahi dekkheya wo jamya e ni” means “He who has not yet seen Lahore, has not been born!”; is completely goes right with the historical places that Lahore owns.

Lahore ambiance is filled with architecture, fun, excitement, and ecstasy. Its rich history is so much captivating that no one can deny to mesmerize with that.

Here is our list of top 6 historical places you must visit in Lahore:

Baadshahi Mosque:


One of the Pakistan’s most iconic side Badshahi mosque is the epitome of Mughal architecture. Built in the regime of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 this mosque is Lahore’s most iconic landmark. This second largest mosque of Pakistan is the major tourist attraction in Lahore.

Tomb of Mughal Emporer Jahangir:


This 17th century tomb built for the rest place for Jahangir as an honor for his services by his son Shah Jahan. Located alongside the bank of ‘River Ravi’, it is must visit place in Lahore.

Wazir Khan Mosque:

wazir khan

This mosque was constructed in between 1634 to 1641 under the rule Shah Jahan. It is considered as one of the most ornamented Mughal mosque.

Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila):


The art of this fort structure imitates a series of 21 monuments from Emperor Akbar (ruled: 1556 – 1605) to the Aurangzeb (ruled: 1658 – 1707).

The foundation of this fort laid in 1566 by Emperor Akbar who honored the fort with a secular architectural style that contained both Islamic and Hindu themes.

Quaid-e-Azam Library:

QA lib

Build in the mid-19th century during British regime within bagh-e-jinnah. This library has collection of over 125000 in Urdu, Persian, English and Arabic books.

Hiran Minar:


This complex was made in early 17 century by Mughal emperor Jahangir as a remembrance to his pet antelope. It is located Sheikhupura district 40 Kilometers northwest to Lahore.