Top 8 Must Visit Tourist Places in Sindh


Sindh is known as a gateway to Islam! Sindh has a unique history and culture – which spans to over 5,000 years of Indus Valley Civilization. Despite being rich in culture and history

People from the northern side and Punjab take the tour of Sindh, only as Karachi beach visits.

If you are fond of exploring some detailed architecture historical places as well as breathtaking views then you should explore these 8 places in Sindh.

Here are the top 8 tourist places in Sindh.

Faiz Mahal, Khairpur


The masterpiece of architecture by Talpur Dynasty is the epitome of detailing. The artistic mastery of work done on the wall of palace shows the excellence of people back in those days.

Gorakh Hill Station


This tourist place is now not so new for Pakistani people. Thousands of people every year visit this place. It is situated on one of the highest plateaus of Sindh in Kirthar Mountain range, spread over 2,500 acres of land. The most attractive place for nature-lover who would definitely get astonished by its beautiful scenery and mild weather pleasure.

Shah Jahan Masjid, Thatta

shah jahan

The tile work of this is the most detailed display in South Asia. This mosque was made as an act of gratitude by Mughal Ruler ‘Shah Jahan’ to the people of Thatta. The highly influenced Central Asian architecture makes it the most unusual architectural designs of mosques.

Mohen Jo Daro


‘Mohen jo Daro’ is one of the most fascinating mysteries of the world.  This oldest civilization is the major attraction of the world. The facts about Mohen Jo Daro are well known; The complex and extremely advanced systems much ahead of its time and the perplexing language of this community still has puzzled archaeologists around the world.

Ranikot Fort


The mysterious fort of Ranifort known as ‘The great wall of Sindh’ is the largest fort in the world, located at Jamshoro district. The unknown reason for its existence makes it the most peculiar site in Pakistan.

Kot Diji Fort

kot diji

Famously Known as “Fort Ahmedabad”, this Masterpiece of Talpur Dynasty was made in between 1785-1795. It is one of the most important cultural legacies of Sindh located at Kot Diji in Khairpur.

Kenjhar Lake


This second largest lake of Pakistan is famous for many reasons. The famous grave of Noori jam Tamachi in the middle of the lake reflects the famous Sindhi tale of Prince Jam Tamachi falling in love with fisher-women Noori.

Makli Necropolis


‘Makli Qabristan’ is 400 years old, and it is the largest necropolis in the world. Spread over 10 square Kilometers in Thatta. The history it inherits is the sight to behold.